Valentine’s Day: Why you make my eyes roll


You make my eyes roll when. . .

You floss your teeth using a cotton thread from your sock

You polish the kitchen floor and make me skid across the lino

You hoover, just as my favourite TV show starts

You elbow me by mistake because I’m “small” and got “under your feet”

You say I “hoard” when I claim to “collect”

You turn down my dinner for spam, from a tin

You ask me to sing in a lower key

You open my post, which I find in a draw a year later

You use my shampoo as bubble bath

You ask: “Have you brushed your hair today?” Just before I go out

And when you wipe snot on your sleeve. . .

It’s lucky though because I like to roll my eyes. . .

And I love you anyway¬†because you kiss my forehead when you think I’m asleep.

Picture citation: Tatyana A, I love strawberry, (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)