A holiday from pre-holiday packing?


Sometimes we need a holiday from preparing for our holiday.  Read the inner workings of an under-holidayed mind…

I have discovered something.  I don’t go on holiday enough.  People should have a drawer where they put their holiday requisites.  I don’t have such a drawer, because I don’t holiday enough to justify the use of space.  I haven’t been on holiday outside the UK since 2013 and my lack of pre-holiday drill experience shows.  Where’s my plug adaptor, kindle charger, Buzz Off spray and loose Turkish Lira?


Why did write wet wipes on my shopping list again?  I haven’t bought wet wipes since I was last in hospital.  Ah yes!  It’s to clean my hands I imagine, after applying copious sun cream to my grey-pale skin.  That brings me on to sun cream: factor 50 – do pharmaceutical companies make factor 60? I’ll check google.

Now, what else? What’s a ‘waterproof paster’? I see: a waterproof plaster. That’s a funny story actually.  I had a mole removed from my ankle which, though cauterised, has taken up residence as an ulcer.  I shouldn’t swim, but in case a miracle healing epidemic casts its magical wand over all ankle injuries, I’ll need ample waterproof plasters.  Now, on to my swimming hat.  I have big hair. The only hat that keeps my bleach-based hair dry (and in so doing, avoiding a blue-green tinge) is one that Amazon recommended to me – I’d love to know the data Amazon’s collected on my shopping habits to lead it to recommend such a thing.  The cap has an interesting knob attached it, for people with not one, but two hair buns.  When hair and hat are assembled together, my head looks like The Hunchback of Notre-Dame – it’s quite a sight to see − but as my husband says, it makes locating me easy if there’s more than one pool in the holiday complex. So, I’ll pop the swimming hat in the suitcase.  Now, my prescription goggles: essential in avoiding swimming pool people and wall collisions – let’s face it, I’ve crashed into many a wall before, I blame the pool current…

What else have I written? Insurance.  I should have been more specific here. My life, wedding rings, flat, husband, car, fish (dead now, I must cancel that), bicycle and legs (I jest) are all insured.  I’ll assume that I had meant holiday insurance – I’m scanning my emails for the policy wording now and it’s nowhere to be seen. I must have flagged it somewhere smart.  I do that.  Let’s search ‘flagged’. Nope. How about, subfolder: ‘holiday’? Slight issue here, I don’t have a holiday subfolder because I don’t go on holiday enough.  I must make a note for my husband: we should go on holiday more and create a holiday drawer. Let’s try ‘travel’. I’ve just found a host of complaints emails that I’ve sent to national rail about my terrible, mostly-delayed, squashed and smelly commute to work. I digress. It should be under the ‘insurance’ category surely? No? Ok − What about if I just type, ‘cover’?  Bingo!  I’ll print it now. Or, should I be more tech savvy?  I’ll save it to Pocket or Bluefire Reader so that I can just show my policy on my iPad.

Add iPad to the list and the iPad charger. This brings me back to my original question, where on earth did I put my plug adaptor?  If I had a holiday drawer…

I’m going to make a new list.

Things to put in my new holiday drawer

Check and print the following before you travel, and put in the drawer:

  • Valid passports (mine had expired, that’s another story)
  • Holiday insurance – print it out immediately so you don’t have to search for it
  • Car hire − print it out immediately so you don’t have to search for it
  • Airport parking − print it out immediately so you don’t have to search for it
  • Visa − print it out immediately so you don’t have to search for it.

Put everything on this helpful, extensive list in the holiday drawer. If space becomes too tight, create a holiday cupboard.  Alternatively move out from your one bedroom apartment, into a five bedroom house with more space. Why not build a holiday annexe, or put a holiday admin chalet in the garden? Or, just holiday once every few years.

One thought on “A holiday from pre-holiday packing?

  1. Penny Manvell

    So funny. Advice from mum – create a holiday box to keep all listed said items. Don’t forget to put suitcase weighing machine in box too!! Keep box on top of wardrobe maybe?

    Loved johnny’s comment on searching for you with swim hat as ID.

    Have a great holiday. X

    Sent from my iPad



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