New Year’s Resolutions


The good the bad and the fluffy.

I vow to complain more next year.  2015 will be the year that I’m compensated for bad customer service.  I will act on the list of names I have diligently added to my iPhone notes section. Victor from ‘Marks & Spencer’, thank you for wasting ten long minutes of my time complaining about your terribly inconvenient rota to your fellow employee, rather than executing my refund.  Bridget from ‘Homebase’, thank you for being so awkward about the simple exchange (with receipt), I enjoyed our frosty exchange (sorry about the pun).  Finally, thank you Croydon Council for painting lines on the road so that now my husband and I cannot turn right without entering a yellow box and receiving a £65 fine twice so far in 2014.  I now add two minutes onto my drive by avoiding the yellow box, and I have to admit, I never turn right. I will be communicating with all of you in the New Year. And, well, I have already begun.  Each complaint letter is scripted out in my mind.  I’ll write something witty about Victor’s job title, the ‘Shop Assistant’ who seriously lacks in ‘assisting’. Bridget, I wrote down word for word your awkward manner with me after the sad event, particularly the amount you referred to me as ‘she’ in front of me.  I will improve the customer service landscape and in doing so I’ll make 2015 a better year hopefully a year that allows me to turn right at will.

What’s your New Year’s resolution?  Do you have something tangible in mind, or perhaps something fluffy, something more obscure?

Tangible 2015 vows

I’ve taken to Twitter and checked the news.  Here are some of the best and most tangible vows I’ve seen, take your pick.

  • Reconnect with old friends
  • Explore new cuisine’s
  • Lose weight and keep it off (for most of the year)
  • Spend less
  • Save more
  • Learn something new.

Some fluffy resolutions for next year

I hate to say it but some of the most fluffy and vague resolutions often come from some of the most powerful people of the business world.  Here are a couple of fabulously vague resolutions.  I really hope you manage to conjure up more of a palpable pledge.

  •  Arianna Huffington, Editor in Chief of The Huffington Post wants to restore her sense of wonder. You can do that by adding a question mark to everything you know Arianna.
  • Caroline Ghosn, Founder and CEO of Levo League hopes to cultivate happiness. I feel happier by just reading that one, thanks for cultivating the happiness Caroline.

The best of

  • Hubspot CEO Brian Halligan has vowed to nap and meditate more. Fantastic.
  • Ben Lerer the Thrillist Media Group CEO wants to simply make sure his child is happy. Perfection.
  • CEO Neil Vogel wants to learn code. Yes, yes, yes, as do I Neil.
  • And finally, Hedge Fund Manager, entrepreneur, and author James Altucher says it’s impossible to hope for anything in the future.

Now, I disagree with Altucher, but I like his scepticism.  You can hope and dream, but life throws up challenges, and it’s your job to dodge and deal with them as best you can.  Perhaps we should all make a resolution: simply deal with stuff better in 2015.  Or perhaps I’m being a bit too fluffy.

Picture citation: Sally Mahoney New Year, CC BY-SA 2.0

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