Christmas: it’s not too late to shop


‘Tis the season to shop ‘til you drop. Britain’s John Lewis’ #MontyThePenguin  has made grown men weep whilst Debenhams’ #FoundIt campaign has all but failed.  We are all managing our manic tick as best we can, but if you’re like me, you continue to flick on your phone to monitor online trackers, only to discover that no, in fact the present due to arrive on Friday, still hasn’t – even after paying an extortionate Prime Speedy Amazing Delivery service.

Let’s start a shopping revolution

Britain’s ‘Black Friday’ shopping surge saw retail sales grow at their fastest pace for nearly 27 years, CBI figures showed on 19 December. The survey found 71 per cent of firms reported sales volumes up on a year ago, the highest since January 1988. If only we could all change how we shop.  What a revolution that would be. My husband notoriously buys my present on Christmas Eve each year, so he always gets the best possible deal ­­– romantic, I know. Like him, I’ve tried to shun online (apart from where absolutely necessary) and I like to think I’ve injected my earnings back into the high-street revenue cycle.

You’ll be just fine

I’ve written before of having a digital detox in regards to education, (Stop MOOCING around) but how about a Christmas shopping revolution. Consider this; it’s not too late, I think you’ll find the shops are open.  In fact the shops are open later and longer.  You just have to rid yourself of the panic, and you’ll be just fine.

What I’m not going to do

I have a set of rebellious statements for you:  I’m not going to give out cards with glitter on them anymore.  I’m going to buy perfectly nice mince pies rather than bake them.  I’m going to buy one present for my loved ones and no stocking fillers.  I’m going to avoid the magnetic pull of shopping on the iPad for ‘just in case’.  Most of all, I’m going to be calm and I’m going to ignore the inner nervous pulse that I have forgotten something or someone.

What are you going to do for the next five days, don’t tell me it’s to shop ’til you drop, please?

Picture citation: SimplyPanda Presents, CC BY-SA 2.0

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