The way we work decade by decade


This is a fun piece of work that I recently completed for the London Business School 50th anniversary microsite.  The brief: to research facts and stats through the decades that relate to our changing office space. Some of my favourites (if I do say so myself) include:

  1. Boeing global. The Boeing 737 entered airline service in 1968 and played a soaring role in globalisation. As a result, the average annual rate of export volumes increased to more than eight percent over the decade.

  2. Imagine this.  Bleep.  It’s 1974 and the first packet of chewing gum has just been scanned. Today barcodes are used universally. Offices, hospitals, warehouses, hotels, governments and all products and services pay homage to the barcode.

  3. Tablets relieve headaches and can be taken on the move. We’re not talking about painkillers. *37% of consumers switched from their PC to a tablet in 2012. And by 2017 60% of online consumers based in the US and Canada, and 42% in Europe, will own a tablet.
    *Sourced from The NPD Group (2013) and the Forrester Research ForecastView Trends (2013)

    Don’t take my word for it, enjoy a blast from the past with office spaces from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, (and beyond) they are well worth a look!

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